Natural hairline hair transplant

A Natural Hairline is Design for Hair Transplant and we say goodbye to using hair plugs like in the 80's hair transplant treatment. Last few decades ago an unnatural doll-like hair that patients used to see in the 1970s and 1980s due to hair plugs procedure. Today thanks to hair transplant procedure with natural hairline hair transplant, patients can expect a hairline which is dense and natural-looking.

Most hair transplant patients focus on the number of grafts, hair transplantation methods, and types of anesthesia. But, the first and determining component is hairline design. The hairline is the border of our hair. In general, the vicinity wherein hair can develop is limited. Every character has a unique hairline and is flawlessly healthy for the top because it’s congenital. But when it comes to hair transplants treatment, hairlines can easily lose perfection because it will be drawn by someone else. The hair transplant design requires artistic skills that are more considerable and needs a specific set of knowledge and experience to perform natural hair transplant treatment. Making a natural hairline hair transplant has results in designing one of the most important fundamentals of a successful hair transplant treatment.

The main skills required in designing a Natural hairline hair transplant are as follows
  • Our doctors are expert in defining the borders of the hairline as well as they understand the characteristic of a hairline.
  • We find methods to locate borders of the scalp, i.e. frontal, mid and vertex region of the bald head.
  • Our doctors have a remarkable imagination for natural hair growth in the frontal region the head.
  • Experience in acquaintance of frontal hairline changes with MPHL or FPHL
  • We at Clion Care our doctors have extreme knowledge of randomly-placed style hair growth in the frontal region of the head.
  • The doctors need to direct and merge hair immediately into the frontal hairline.
  • The design also include aiming the hair growth for patient's facial, age and looks
  • We assure 100% natural Hairline Design hair transplant.

In designing the Natural hairline hair transplant our doctor’s plans individual and unique hairline recovery, the following factors are taken into account to achieve the natural hairline appearance desired by the patient:

Natural hairline hair transplant in ahmedabad
Natural hairline hair transplant in gujarat
Right Framework

Need to focus on the correct and perfect hairline which adds to cover overall beauty of the hair.

The right Balance

To ensure natural and age-appropriate doctor at Clion Care we take hair type, natural hair curvature and placement angle and number of follicles to be transplanted.

Zigzag hairline designs

Each hairline is unique in design our doctors will use zigzag patterns during hair design sp that when arranged properly, hair grows naturally with high density than straight lines.

Individual patient characteristics

This relates to the physiology of the patient. By keeping this in mind our Hair transplant doctors consider and analyze the age, ethnicity, hair type, and hair loss of the patient. If the patient is young the number of hair loss after transplantation (note that transplanted hair is permanent, but the rest of the existing hair in the balding area are not). Hair transplant doctors should consider this and plan accordingly if the patient has hair very thin or very thick, straight or curly. Each hair type requires a different approach to the hairline to achieve the most natural results.

The above factors are for natural hairline hair transplant design, is important for achieving natural-looking results expected by a patient. The selection and use of Follicular Unit grafts, combined appropriately with the doctors’ artistic and surgical skills, is very important. When you are ready to take action and restore a decreased hairline, please get a personalized hairline assessment with our doctors which are widely recognized specialists in the creation of natural hairlines, giving thousands of patients a better look and self-esteem. For personalized hair care and treatment plans, contact us online or call our office directly at Clion Care.