Hair replacement surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery in Ahmedabad

Bald may be beautiful, but not all are ready to go there yet? You have tried all the medication like finasteride to slow the thinning but haven’t worked, and you're really losing sleep over losing your hair, you might consider a Hair Replacement Surgery. At Clion Care we offer hair replacement surgery and it is done by well experienced and best doctor for hair transplant in Ahmedabad.

After consulting with our experts, A Flap hair replacement surgery is carried out and it is capable of quickly covering large areas of baldness and is customized for each individual patient. A segment of bald scalp is reducing out and a flap of hair-bearing skin is lifted off the surface still connected at one end. The hair-bearing flap is added into its new function and sewn into place, whilst remaining "tethered" to its original blood supply. As the client heals they will see that the scar is cloaked—or at least covered—by relocated hair, which grows to the very edge of the slit. Over the years, dermatologists have made large advances in flap techniques, combining flap surgery and scalp reduction for better coverage of the crown and to provide better frontal coverage and a more natural hairline.

Hair Replacement Surgery In Gujarat

Our doctors performs a Scalp expansion (Volumetric Expansion) where a balloon-like silicone tool is implanted below the hair bearing scalp in sub galeal plane and over a period of time inflating that device by injecting saline the scalp skin is multiplied over few weeks. The expander is removed and the multiplied hair-bearing scalp is used to cover the balding area.

Our doctor performs a Scalp extension (Non volumetric Expansion) as the procedure is useful for extensive hair losses where there are limited donor hairs are presented. With scalp extension, using Scalp extender an implantable device the complete series of Alopecia reductions can be done within a 45- to 90-day period. In the past, some scalps could not be reduced at all and those that could be reduced often took more than 1.5 years for the procedures to be completed. Scalp expansion has a few of the benefits of scalp expansion, although the amounts of tissues stretch are less.

Hair replacement surgery in Gujarat

Hair Replacement Surgery In Ahmedabad

Today with Bio-Fue Treatment in males and females are common and hair plugs are not common anymore in hair replacement surgery. So, our doctors are now well equipped with the Bio-Fue Transplant Treatment and also Bio Fue Eyebrow Hair Transplant which allows our doctors to place the hairs at different angels allowing him to match the growth direction of the existing hair.