Bio Fue Hair Transplant Treatment

BIO-FUE is very much like the FUE technique. In this method the growth elements are separated from blood and re-injected into the transplanted location giving extraordinarily exquisite effects for hair boom (PRP). This isn't always handiest beneficial for transplanted hair however additionally for strengthening the prevailing thinning hair follicles. It is a sophisticated method that is so much less and painless. In Bio FUE regenerative cells from one’s personal blood is infused into the FUE donor web page for speedy recuperation and boom of transacted hair. The cells additionally enhance the nice and aesthetic density of current non transplanted hair.

Steps Regenerative cells from you blood are infused into the FUE donor webweb page for speedy recuperation and to sell the boom of transected hairs. All follicular gadgets are then bathed for your boom factor (protein) wealthy way of life medium to lessen mobileular demise and assist growth the yield of transplanted follicular gadgets. Finally you’re enriched cells are injected into the transplanted location to sell quicker recuperation, speedy hair boom of the transplanted hairs and additionally to enhance the nice and aesthetic density of your current non-transplanted hair.

Bio FUE is Best For
  • Those who need to put on their hair quick.
  • Those who do now no longer need a linear scar.
  • Those with restrained donor deliver or scalp elasticity Vertical Harvesting in Hair Transplant

In Bio Fue Hair Transplant treatment there are numerous techniques of harvesting hair from donor location like Punch Graft, Multiple Bladed Knife, Single Bladed Knife Excision etc. Vertical harvesting is the contemporary fantastic method for minimizing scars even as the hair is exiting the scalp & foremost yield of the donor location in FUE method.

Bio Fue Hair Transplant Treatment in gujarat